Jim Elmquist spent his entire professional career as an educator in the Minnesota public school system.  With a Masters in education and administration, I worked with thousands of families and high school students as a teacher, dean and principal over 35 years.  I  also spent many years teaching Bible in our local church, raised four sons and have been married to my wife Judie for over 54 years. I have spent my life impacting people.  This blog is my continued effort to shape the public conversation concerning all good things “Your Roving Reporter” chooses to write about, including food, family, politics and ruminations of all kinds!

Because I have been writing blog kind of stuff for a number of years, I decided to try a blog and see if it works for me…My wife Judie, son Jeremy and I moved to Little Rock, AR from Minneapolis, MN area in 2007…we really like it…but it certainly is different from where we lived before…our son, Jeremy passed away in March 2017, it broke our hearts…and I wrote about that time if you wish to look it up on my blog…

I am a retired high school principal…I loved my job…loved the kids…loved teachers…but it was time…and here we are…

Still at 75, I am interested in many things…and everything I am interested in passes through the matrix of my Christian background, as it has all my life…this blog will be no different… at times this world view may not seem evident based on the topic, yet it is still there…this world view is larger than my religious writings or thoughts and impacts my thinking  down to the core…as does my age, my background, my education, my experiences…I enjoy learning many things and have an opinion about most everything…hence the blog…from my Christian world view…stay tuned…

November 2017


  1. Jim,

    I love your blog!! And, of course, we love you, Judie & Joe.
    You write beautifully (always have) and you are an inspiration (always have been) to us.

    With love and joy,

    Mark & Shelley Kemp

  2. Jim – guess you know who I am from my name huh. I wanted to say ..much thanks for the blog and the posting of gordon lightfoot. I needed a memory of a fine couple of months..so I sought out your blog.

    On the way to our vacation I was listening to this song on the airplane. Got off in Charollette NC and went to the Lu…don’t ya know there is a bathroom attendant…and what song is he singing…the wreck of the edmond fitzgerald.

    So you brought a big smile to my face. I appreciate you Jim, I miss your posts about the “walk”. In a couple of weeks I will shake matt’s hand and I will let him know that “it” is from me and the many who never got the chance.

    Much peace and all of god’s blessings.

    Jeff V somewhere in NJ……

  3. Uncle Jim,

    Question. Would you consider coming here to Northland to speak to our Education majors? Each semester we hold an education symposium and bring in a speaker and after reading your blog for the last several months, I’d really like my students to hear you speak. If you are interested we could set up a phone call and talk about details. By the way while you are reading Civil War books, pick up Sam Watkins “Company Aytch”…great memoir of a Confederate private. A must read!

    God Bless

  4. Jim, I’ve nominated you for the Hope Unites Globally HUG Award. If you’d like to accept the award and learn how to share it with others, please read the Guidelines at http://ahopefortoday.com/2012/01/14/hope-unites-globally-hug-award-guidelines/ 🙂

    • W.S….thanks…Jim E

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