Posted by: Jim E | July 26, 2018

Jeremy…And The Land Of Far Distances…

Remember when…it is what memories are made of…to remember…and if we don’t write down those memories, we forget, or we don’t remember clearly what happened…that is the difficulty of relying on our memory…but even with that problem, memories are wonderful things…

Jeremy, Mom and Dad (2)

As Judie and I think back to those last years of Jeremy’s life, the first thing that comes to mind is how much we miss him…then we think about the reality of those days…some were very hard…very busy…time consuming…we looked forward to breaks in the day…Jeremy needed one of us to be present all the time, in the last year of his life…so if one of us was in the shower, the other needed to be available…there were many difficult days…

I can remember when something came up…it was “all hands on deck”…so we learned to celebrate small victories…I always thought, “He will get better.”…I thought, if we give enough care, the best of doctors and medical care…he will rise above the present problems…he always has before, so why not now…if nothing happened within a twenty-four hour period, we would tell each other, “It was a good day.”…it reminded us to be thankful for God being with us in the smallest things…it helps when the next hard thing comes along…and with Jeremy, it did come…

Waco and Ranch 2016

I can remember just weeks before Jeremy died…we got a call from my nephew in Minnesota…his Dad, my Brother had died…it was sudden, a surprise, as all death is…this was the last of February, 2017…I told Mark that I would get back to him…he asked me to say something at the funeral…my mind was racing, I wanted to go, but what about Jeremy…he was passing out regularly by now…and we were going to have to drive up to Minnesota…Judie and I talked about it…I knew what Jeremy’s answer was going to be…

Jeremy had a special relationship with Uncle Jack…there was just something there…they both felt it…Jeremy always told his favorite stories about Uncle Jack…so when we decided to go…we all had to go together…Jeremy’s needs didn’t stop, so both us had to be around…so we all would go…Jeremy was elated…he loved a road trip…he and his Mom started to gather up all the things he needed…snacks, videos, CD’s, etc…and for some reason Jeremy had been asking Judie if he could see his Brother…that was Jess, he and his family live in Minnesota…even though it was for a funeral, we would stay at Jess’…and Jeremy would get to see him…

Jeremy and Duke 2

The trip went well…I have described it in a former post…he had some passing out and weakness…but for the most part, it was a good trip…Jeremy loved it…it was part of God’s blessing on all us those last days…we saw God’s hand in our lives, giving us direction and blessing through everyday…in just a few short weeks, Jeremy would be gone too…

As part of a devotion, Our Daily Bread, I read everyday, a story was related about Amy Carmichael (1867-1951) who is known for her work with rescuing orphaned girls in India and giving them a new life…in the midst of this exhausting work of rescuing these young girls…there were times she called “moments of vision”…In her book Gold by Moonlight, she wrote, “In the midst of a crowded day we are given almost a glimpse of ‘the land of far distances’, and we stand still, arrested on the road.” She was referring to the verse in Isaiah 33:17 “Your eyes will see the king in his beauty and view a land that stretches afar.”

Isaiah thirty three, seventeen 2

I thought, how true that is with Judie and I…when we didn’t know whether we could physically do all the things we had to do…all the care, and yet all the “regular things”…it was hard…but we too found ourselves “in the midst of a crowded day we are given almost a  glimpse of ‘the land of far distances,’ and we stand still, arrested on the road.”

Jeremy's Memory Quilt 3

To view this “land of far distances” is to be lifted above the circumstances of the present and to gain eternal perspective…to see our lives from His viewpoint and regain hope…we could choose to look down in discouragement or lift our eyes to the “land of far distances,”…to the Lord who is our help, and will give us peace…and so, “we stand still, arrested on the road”…for we have seen the “king in his beauty and view a land that stretches far off”…

Jeremy's memory quilt

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