Posted by: Jim E | May 4, 2017

Prequel To Part 1,2,3…Sons of the Pioneers, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota State Fair, Surgery, And Stuff…

Your Roving Reporter

I guess for a sense of what all happened on Jeremy’s vacation…I should write about what came before…it is more for “my” not forgetting than anything else…but it shows what steps we needed to take to get to the results that happened…in this case, finding Jeremy’s  tumor…as he has said, to “get this thing out of me.”…so now the steps we took…

Most of you know by now that Jeremy had a malignant brain tumor when he was two and a half…he had surgery…radiation…chemotherapy…and all kinds of “things” to get him to this point…he is now 41…he has some handicaps but on the whole, with certain meds, he is quite healthy…we just need to keep on top of his health…like all of us do, but with him we need to be a little more vigilant…

In the past few years we have notice his right cheek being more “puffed up”…

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