Posted by: Jim E | May 4, 2017

Part 2…Sons of the Pioneers, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota State Fair, Surgery, And Stuff…

Your Roving Reporter

Now where were we???…Oh ya, we were leaving Mayo Clinic and driving to Minneapolis to go to the Minnesota State Fair…the plan was to be there right after a “short” consultation with Dr. Keller about Jeremy’s CT scan from Little Rock…we thought he wanted to see Jeremy and talk about how he is doing…and things like that…I should add here that Dr. Keller, Jeremy and our family have a fairly close connection since he did Jeremy’s jaw surgeries back in the 90’s…I won’t go into all that…but lets just say we made a connection and we have kept in touch…here is a picture of  Dr. Keller and Jeremy back in the mid-90’s…no doubt Jeremy was “Rebuilt In Rochester” (notice his shirt)…he could now open his mouth…his teeth were straightened…and he now had a chin…all that thanks to Dr. Keller…and that was the first time he had seen Jeremy’s problems in…

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