Posted by: Jim E | May 4, 2017

Part 1…Sons of the Pioneers, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota State Fair, Surgery and Stuff…

I was reminded about this trip in 2011 to see Dr. Keller at Mayo Clinic…it is quite the story…one that shows Jeremy at his best, while being faced with uncertainty…what a “kid”…enjoy these 4 posts…about the trip…his surprise surgery and recovery…Jim E

Your Roving Reporter

Okay, I did look at the calendar…and I did see that I haven’t posted anything since August 20th…quite a span for me to be “quiet”…but there is a reason…we were on a vacation…well, Judie and I are retired, so we are on a permanent vacation…this was Jeremy’s week of vacation…but it extended out for almost two weeks…well, let’s go back a few days and tell some of this story…heavens, this could be a two or three part story…but I won’t do that to you…(ed. well, I guess I did, sorry)…

Our plan was to go to Branson, Missouri to see a show on Wednesday, August 24th…and then from there go to Rochester, Minnesota for Jeremy to see his doctor for a checkup…really he was seeing the doctor to go over a CT he had in Little Rock in April…we expected it to be just an in and out deal…after we…

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