Posted by: Jim E | June 15, 2016

Strength For The Weary…It Helps…

Sorry, this is a bit late…I wrote this the morning of June 2, 2016, just 13 days ago…though I meant to send it that day…after what I wrote about below…but at the last words I typed…my computer went blank…fortunately WordPress saves what I write as I write it, so it was here when I got the computer back…in the intervening 13 days I sent the computer in to Dell and they sent it back with a new hard drive, etc…don’t know if the problem is solved…hopefully it is fixed…but it kinda added to the frustration of that day…makes one glad those days don’t happen every day, but Strength for the Weary, helps…anyway, read on…


I have never written something like this before…Oh, I have written about Jeremy’s surgeries and other issues related to him…but nothing just like this…it happened this morning, June 2, 2016…Jeremy had Jeremy's 44th birthdayto go to work today at 8:45…so I got up before that time, well, I usually do…it is hard to change getting up at 5:00 all my working life (pre-retirement life)…but I promised myself when I retired I would “sleep in” until at least 6:30-7:00…and after 16 years of retirement, I have found it my norm…so, up I got (using a Minnesota expression) at about 6:45 so I could do my normal things before I got Jeremy up at 7:45…I get him up about an hour before he needs to be at work, he, with his handicaps, needs his sleep…and as I get him up, I always say to myself or Judie, “now our day begins”…

I use that phrase because our day really begins…our workday begins…our unplanned day begins…when Jeremy gets up…we don’t know what will happen for sure…general plans are made before hand, but there can be unplanned circumstances that pop up without warning…we just have to be ready…some days, we need help to face those unplanned moments…not outside help, but help that comes from the Lord…we can always count on that help…we just aren’t always in a place or are too busy with the unplanned events to pause to accept the help…but we have learned, we need to pause, we just aren’t strong enough sometimes…strong enough to deal with not one, but many unplanned things coming in a short amount of time…like this morning…

I usually get up a bit before Judie, as I did this morning, I go through my morning routine, read Our Daily Bread, open the shades, empty the dishwasher, other various boring details…and those who really know me, know I run the “drill” every morning, the same “drill” in the same pattern, same, same, same…until Judie got up and I heard her say, “Oh” and “Oh” again…I knew that frustrated sound…and she found Jeremy had an accident during the night…it was on the hallway floor, and his bathroom was a mess…the floor, the toliet, the wall…just a mess…he tries, but he just isn’t able to clean it up…we knew it would be on his rug in his room, on or in his bed, and in a few minutes, we woke him up…and found that fact to be true…we popped him in the shower and begin the cleaning…and getting him ready for work…Wedding 3 of 4 sons and sons

As Judie was cleaning, and then finding the next area to clean, I could tell she was reaching that frustration level…but we were too busy to take that time…made Jeremy breakfast, then out to the car and off to work…we both went with him, and had prayer with him in the parking lot…we pray for him during his work time…that he will do his job well, treat customers and fellow workers with respect and good humor…all that in Jesus name…Amen…so we dropped him off…and there is a degree of lifting of pressure when we drop him off, I guess…but we both know, we could get a call anytime…so we stay alert to that possibility…we were almost home, and Judie’s phone rang…it was Jeremy, he had had an accident and needed a change of clothes…we had to finish the trip home to get something, though we keep a change of clothes in the car, and back we went…I could tell Judie was at the end of things…but when we got to Kroger she went in and got Jeremy cleaned up and changed…(now, most people would have wanted to come home, but not Jeremy, he was working, so after the cleanup, back to work, no embarrassment, he is scheduled to work, no other thought came to his mind)…so Judie came out…hopped in the car and off we went for home…

By the time we got home, Judie was at her wits end…just frustrated and upset…I asked her if she had read Our Daily Bread this morning…she hadn’t, I told her to read it…it started out: “On a beautiful, sunny Our Daily Breadday, I was walking in a park and feeling very weary in spirit. It wasn’t just one thing weighing me down—it seemed to be everything.”…and ends with: “What’s it like on your journey today? If fatigue has caused you to forget God’s presence and power, why not pause and recall His promise. “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength” (v. 31). Here. Now. Right where we are.”

Well, that is what we both needed…It may be what you need today…so click here, the whole is better than my small quote…

Well, it’s almost time to pick up Jeremy…he works 4 hour days…since his stroke  a year and a half ago, it is about all he can handle…it works well for him, us and Kroger too…we long ago made our commitment to take care of Jeremy…it continues today…he is a joy to us…and though we run into days like today…we remain committed…and isn’t it nice to have things like Our Daily Bread this morning to help us through the more challenging times…it was just what Judie and I needed when we felt a bit weighed down by one thing upon another…renewed strength...”Here. Now. Right where we are.”



  1. Thanks Jim. You guys are really angels here on earth.

    • Pete…thanks, we just got back from a long weekend at a ranch South of Dallas…and a trip to Waco, Texas with a visit to Magnolia Market…don’t know if you are a “Fixer Upper” TV show…but it was a fun trip…with a side trip to the “Dr. Pepper Museum”, in Waco…if we don’t think that great ideas don’t still turn into success in America…just go to Waco…a brand of “POP” in 1885 (Dr. Pepper) to a TV show turning into bringing about 25,000 people per week to Waco, Texas to visit a TV show venue…only in America…a trip to Texas only takes 5 or 6 hours from Little Rock…so we turned Jeremy’s vacation into…his vacation, Father’s Day weekend and a weekend at a huge Ranch South of Dallas…and things that Jeremy loves…Breakfast at small Texas town, a “real” breakfast…full of real Texans, with great food and ambiance…the weekend included Texas BBQ, steaks fixed in an outdoor kitchen, etc…so much fun…Jeremy had two of his brothers there too…riding the “Mules”, 4 wheel drive kind…saw wild pigs, vultures, deer, snakes, and more…great time had by all…thanks again Pete for the comment, I may just have to write about this, who knows…Jim E

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