Posted by: Jim E | April 6, 2016

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown…Ice Cream…Disappointment And Hope…

The other night, after Jeremy got home from work and supper out of the way…he said, “Let’s go to Shake’s for ice cream.”…so off we went…for the record, Shake’s is a local ice cream parlor…really, it is frozen custard, concrete and the rest…the kind if you turn it upside down it will not fall out…and for their shakes, they give you a humongously large diameter straw that will in time be used to drink the thick shake…(for the record, Jeremy’s favorite: a hot fudge shake…and it is sooo good, but he doesn’t share much, so I am assuming a bit)…as I said, off we went…it was packed on a beautiful 70 degree evening, low humidity and sunny…a perfect time to go…in fact I have assurance that heaven will be a lot like that night…perfect… 

Lo and behold, (Sidebar, The literal meaning of the expression is “look and see”, and it is always used as if in the imperative. End Sidebar) so, I said, Lo and Behold, there on the Shake’s sign outside Bad Bad Leroy Brown at Shake'sthe drive-thru where they advertise the main attraction, (Sidebar, in the Fall for Thanksgiving, it’s “Pumpkin”, at Christmas, it’s “Eggnog”, and other special flavors at other holidays, End Sidebar)…now they always have chocolate and a host of other toppings, etc…but specials attract attention…and that night, right on their sign, right out front for all to see…“Try a Bad, Bad Leroy Brown a Fudge Brownie Concrete with a Peanut Butter Crown”…I, of course, being of a certain age (old)…recognized the name of that “Fudge Brownie Concrete with a Peanut Butter Crown”…it was the name of a song, made famous back in the 70’s…by Jim Croce…

I asked the girl at the window if she knew the meaning of the name…she being of a certain age (young)…she didn’t have a clue…but it didn’t matter, because nothing in the song nor in the concrete had anything to do with the Jim Croceother…someone must have just liked the song…well, it was a “hit” back in 1973…and it is sort of “catchy” even now…as we left Shake’s…the words of the chorus, at least some of them, came back to me…it was the sort of song that was probably played two or three times an hour on those old top 40 stations of that era…

Jim Croce died tragically in the same year he had this “hit song”…he and a few others died in a plane crash in Louisiana, he was 30 years old…he also wrote a few other songs that you may know…”Time in a Bottle”, “I’ll Have to Say I Love You in a Song”…and others…his passing made me think some about how life is filled with hope as well as disappointment…just this week, I was reminded of some friends loss of their young son, someone who had a heart attack, and others who carry some disappointment or problem in their lives…life is full of those happenings…most we can carry without a problem, a flat tire, a washing machine that breaks down, but many are heart-wrenching and we need time to process those experiences…

I read in Our Daily Bread this week about a family whose phone rang at 12:35 a.m….the husband took the call and choked out the words. “Jason has been arrested for the murder of his wife’s first husband. He’s in jail in Orlando.”…their son Jason Paul Kent Our Daily Breadwas being held in Orlando, for first-degree murder…he had been a model son, in the Navy, serving his country, dedicated to serving his God…but here without warning the dreams they had for their son came crashing down…now, as the trial was over and appeals exhausted…they needed to chose life…and they began a new kind of life in the middle of hopeless circumstances…they like all of us, in tragedy, or disappointment in life, need to make hope-filled choices at these times…they left us with the truth of Romans 5:5, “This hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love”.

When great hope turns to disappointment…where do we turn…we turn to His love for us…there have been many disappointments in our lives, but this hope we have will not end in disappointment…for we know how dearly God loves us…and fills our hearts with His love…to face what we need to face with thankful hearts…



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