Posted by: Jim E | January 25, 2016

Time…Time…And Rest A While…

Time has been on my mind lately…I was sitting in the living room waiting to go somewhere…I looked up at the clock on our wall…and saw the time…let’s just say I had some time yet to wait before I left to pick up Jeremy…but it struck me, I use everyday a timepiece that was invented in the 15th or 16th century…in fact the very clock on our wall, I look at, is 100 years old, and more…pendulum clock Jim Burton

But the truth is though, I depend on that clock everyday…if I really want to know the “exact time”, I look at the cable box or at my cell phone…those are as accurate as we have in our house…

It used to be, when I was young, in the 50’s…I didn’t have a watch, there were no cell phones, no cable, no TV, the radio was the most accurate for telling time, and no money to buy a watch…but the radio always gave the time, I think they still do…at least where they still are live and not recorded…I always thought they were somehow connected to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)…a “magic time machine”, I figured…in school we learned about a town somewhere in England called Greenwich that all other clocks around the world where counting on to have the correct time…it was established in 1847 and used most importantly for ships to know where they are at all times throughout the globe…I won’t go into that any deeper than that…you know, time zones, longitude and latitude, and on and on…Greenwich Mean Time

When  I was young, time did not have the importance it seems to today…I can recall during the summer, leaving the house in the morning and not showing up until I got hungry or a time Mom told me to be home…I thought for a while about that the other day, without a watch, how did I know what time it was…well, it was not lost on me the stories I read and heard about Indians and pioneers…they told time by the sun, I did too…when the sun was straight up…it was 12:00, noon…and any other angle, it would “read” to me just like a clock…half way up the horizon, it was 9:00…half way past noon, it was 3:00…and everywhere in between…I don’t remember being very far off many times…or Mom would call…and I could hear her call for miles it seemed…that method was used for centuries, until clocks were invented…

I still prefer the 15th and 16th century windup timepiece…the one on our wall is special to Judie and I…it was a wedding gift from a neighbor of ours growing up…Jim and Mary Burton…he was in the jewelry business for years and his house was full of clocks, all kinds of clocks…we got married in 1963, I was 21, Jim was 91…I went over to talk with Ford 1953 my first carhim…(we had grown up with the Burton’s as neighbors, my Mom basically took care of them until they died…in fact I was going to pick Judie up for a date when Jim started over to get one of us…I was just getting into my car when I noticed him, called to Mom and ran over…he said something was wrong with Mary…no 911, we did what we could but she died that day)…a year or so later I went to talk with Jim…to tell him Judie and I were going to be married…Jim wanted to give us a clock…I chose the one pictured on this post…it’s still on our wall some 52 years later…

I remember Jim, at 91 remember, wanted to clean it before giving it to us…I assured him that was not necessary, but he said he would be happy clean it…I thought, there goes the clock…the next time I went to see Jim, the clock was all spread out on his table…parts here and there…I thought he will never be able to put that together…I was wrong, maybe it isn’t that complicated or maybe his eyesight was better than I thought or maybe he was a better watchmaker than I gave him credit for…it’s been on our wall for over 52 years, and on his wall for many more…I still rely on it and it still keeps good time for a clock invented the 1600’s and probably made in the mid or late 1800’s…so this is all about time, just a few ways to look at it…in terms of a life or two lives, or history of time…its all about how you view it…

Various words we use all the time have to do with time…wait a minute, an instant, a nanosecond, a second, a month, a year, a calendar, a lifetime, a generation…hundreds of words that speak of time or the passing of time…it passes even while we sleep…Jesus talked about time here and there…in Mark 6:30-32…verse 31 “He said to them, ‘Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.'”…”a while”, another term about time…in fact I love that term…rest a while…so many times I remember telling myself and others to take time to rest, retool…heal…

I have never seen “the tide”, though we know the times of the tides, there are tables that show those times…I have seen the ocean, both Atlantic and Pacific…but I never was there long enough to “see” the results of the pull of the moon on our great oceans…heavens, I believe there are people who live by the ocean but are so busy, so Tides, thewrapped up in what they do, there is not time to notice this great event…it happens everyday, the high and low tide…but what is really astounding…at the changing of the tide, there is a brief period of time called “slack tide” when the water is neither high nor low…this is when the water is “unstressed”…it is a quiet pause before the surging of tidal flow begins again…Jesus understood that need and knew his followers needed to eat and rest…”Come aside…and rest a while”…

So as I sit in those early morning hours, and that happens everyday…I sit and look out our front window, contemplate the day…look at the only timepiece I ever look at that time of day…and take that time, that little “while”…to get ready to face whatever God holds for me and “rest a while”, even for a few minutes…



  1. Nicely done Jim….. Hope all is well


    • Thanks…yup, everything is good…thanks for stopping by…Jim E

  2. Jim: Thanks for the clock story. The oldies will never be replaced or out preformed. Hello to Judi and Jeremy. Hope all is well. Eugene

    • Dr. Keller…thanks for the comment…Judie and Jeremy are doing well…we think and talk of you often around here…Jeremy still holds you in the greatest respect…well, for that matter, we all do…Jim E

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