Posted by: Jim E | January 24, 2014

What Day Is It?…A Special Day During WWII…My Favorite Day…

I guess there are many answers to the question, “What day is it?”…I was just reminded the other day of Winnie the Pooh’s conversation with Piglet, about this very question…pooh-and-piglet What day is itwhen Pooh asked Piglet that question, he answered as we all know he would…”It’s today.”…”My favorite day.” was Pooh’s response…I guess it couldn’t have been put any clearer…any simpler…and more concise than that…heavens that’s my view on things too…to rate days according to any other set of standards would be presumptuous, given we have no assurance of tomorrow…and only have yesterday to compare to…Oh, I suppose Piglet could have answered, as someone else did, with “Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Saturday”…but he didn’t, he answered the way Piglet would answer…and really the way I would answer if I were as quick as A. A. Milne, the creator of Winnie the Pooh…because today is my favorite day…

When you put a few years on, as I have, you have a tendency to live in the present…not next week or tomorrow…though I guess we have a tendency to relive our lives a bit…remembering days gone by…but once that is done, we enjoy the fact that we are alive…and can still enjoy everything around us…my answer to those who ask how I am doing or how my day it going…I most always respond with, “I upright and breathing, I can’t ask for anything more.”…it is kind of like Pooh’s response I guess…my favorite day is today…

Recently, Geico Insurance has asked a question like that in a commercial of theirs…you know, “Happier than a camel on hump day”…it has been around and around online…and still, every time I see it, I can’t help but smile…you Camel Guess what day it isknow, the camel, hump day, the voice, the humor and the ever ready thought that Wednesday is the middle of the work week…and so we are half way there…it has a very strong message…and whether the insurance part of the message ever gets across I don’t know…but it does help answer the question of what day is your favorite day…

When I was working as a principal of a large high school…I never had a favorite day…everyday had its full compliment of problems and we had to deal with them no matter what day it was…I use to tell my staff  that there are a certain number of problems that we were going to have every week and if there were one or two “easy” days…watch out, because the rest were coming tomorrow or the next day…and it always seemed to be true…and it always seemed that on Friday it would be a late day dealing with issues…and Monday, we always had weekend issues that spilled over into school…never a letup…and though we never got “used to it”…yet we worked it out between us, trying to get ahead of the curve, so to speak…so even there, today was my favorite day…

The other day I read an excerpt from a book by Joseph Balkoski, “Beachhead toBrittany and Brest Brittany”, the story of the Army’s 29th division during the D-Day and beyond…he has written a five volume history of the 29th from D-Day to the end of the war…in this passage you will see that this particular day after experiencing thousands of casualties in the battle to this point…this just had to be their favorite day…here is the 29th division’s best day…September 18, 1944…from the book, “From Beachhead to Brittany”, by Joseph Balkoski…


If the beginning of the end at Brest could be defined by a single moment, that moment came at 7:45 AM on Monday, September 18, 1944. At sunrise the alert 29ers of the 115th Infantry’s Company E, under the command of 2nd Lt. Roderick Parsch, had peered through the ground fog toward the massive, fortress like buildings of the French Naval Academy, the focal point of the enemy’s last-ditch defensive line in front of Brest’s inner harbor. The GIs were on edge, for they held orders to execute a frontal attack against those buildings at 10 AM, and they knew the assault, which would have to be carried out across 600 yards of wide-open no-man’s-land, would be grueling and costly in lives. But as sunlight gradually dissolved the mist, Parsch’s men observed an astonishing sight. Someone was waving a large white flag back and forth from a window of the academy. It was an electrifying moment, and the 29ers willingly held their fire as four Germans emerged from the academy and steadily tramped toward the American lines.

That particular day had to be their best day…they had to go on and fight many battles in WWII…but on that day…that day…it was their best day…the surrender just made their day…

So how about you?…What day is it?…Today?…My favorite day…for me sometime a particular day is more difficult than another…but though our days may This is the day that the Lord has madebring, like the 29th division, many more battles ahead, yet today is the best we have…it’s today…my favorite day…and since I think of most things from a Biblical perspective, I thought immediately of Psalm 118:24, “This is the day that the Lord has made we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

 So we come full circle…today has to be my favorite day…it’s the day the Lord has made…and just as simple as Pooh and Piglet…since today is my favorite day…I intend to rejoice and be glad in it…hope you do too…


  1. Well said Jim hope all is well. Cold snowy here in my neck of the woods we haven’t had a full day of school since we came back from Christmas break. Bring back memories?

    • Saun…happy to hear from you…Oh, I do follow Ohio weather a bit…there are enough people, from Ohio, who followed Matt Green across the country who I have now in turn begun to follow and think about…that was a fun summer…anyway, I do loosely follow Ohio weather…also Michigan, because of all the relatives Judie has there…so I see you certainly may have had your share of winter…I looked and saw Michigan was “getting it” again yesterday…and followed by “the cold”…so I imagine you may be in for it as it moves east…I sort of reminds me way back in 1966 when we were just married and teaching in eastern Michigan…snowed every weekend and we didn’t have a full week for weeks…so this stuff changed from time to time…hope you don’t have to make up all the days, spoils the summer for sure…but certainly happy to see you are still teaching…you are a special person for doing it, I know that…one of my heroes for sure…it’s funny to say that, you know, we have never met…but I know, a person who has been in that business and continues to be…you are to be honored…thanks for the comment…all is well here…we have had our cold too…but nothing like good old Minnesota…they have a special place in heaven to endure all that, I’m sure…thanks again Saun…look ahead to spring…daffodils start blooming in about a month down here…strawberries about mid-April…hope springs eternal…thanks again…Jim E

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