Posted by: Jim E | May 8, 2013

Spring…Blackberries…Strawberries…Bluebirds…Hummingbirds…And Me…

It’s been a while since I have written a post…why?…well, lots of things I guess…our first Wedding Jessica and Will 2013granddaughter was married…first in both ways, first granddaughter born and first of our granddaughters to marry…so a double, I guess…it was a great time, she was a beautiful bride…how could she not be with these grandparents…well, I guess others in the gene pool had Wedding 3 of 4 sons and sonssomething to do with it…anyway she turned out pretty wonderful…we are proud of her and proud of her new husband…they make a great couple…you should see their picture…well, I’ll show you one, how’s that…if I can find one…and how about one with three of our four sons and two of their sons…

But that is not all that has taken up my time…I have been with Lincoln during the Civil War…inAmazing Grace Germany with Dietrich Bonhoeffer…with America during the first Gulf War…with William Wilberforce and his battle against slavery…with the U. S. Navy during the battle of Leyte Gulf in Neptune's Inferno (2)the Philippines and again at Guadalcanal…with downed airman forgotten in Yugoslavia during WWII…and now, in Afghanistan, with troops in an indefensible position with enemy all around…and one book that has given me some help understanding my Dad after serving in the Navy in WWII…I think that is all of the books I have been reading but there are probably more I may have forgotten…I enjoyed them all…though some are very difficult to see how they could have survived or put up with conditions of the time…it gives me a bit more understanding of the times they lived…

For me right now, it is the weather that takes up my time…well, maybe it is just Hummingbirds 1Spring…Blackberries are flowering all over…the Strawberry Lady is back with her fresh strawberries everyday…our Bluebird house is humming with activity and new Bluebirds already hatched…Hummingbirds are also humming, well they Azaleasdon’t hum but the sound of their wings do…thousands of flowering bushes and trees…our Azaleas are in bloom and other flowering bushes in our yard…Judie’s “winter flowers” are still going strong (remember pansies grow here all winter, they just don’t Strawberries 1survive the hot summers)…we have had a cool Spring, compared to last year…last year we were sitting on our porch the last of February and it was in the 70’s and 80’s right through the second week in June…then of course “the hot” came with a vengeance, it was brutal until the last of September…but we hope for a beautiful May and at least part of June…

“Always be on the lookout for wonder.”…someone said…early on my Mom and my Grandparents taught me the value of “wonder”…to never get “used to” what is all around us…whether it is a sunrise or sunset…the beauty of a flower and ever more so, when Strawberries 3you see it up close…the soaring of a bird…or rushing water…the rustling of leaves on a tree…a good rain storm…the flavor of a banana, a strawberry, a blackberry, an apple, a peach, an orange…all fruit, all different in taste and how we can even taste the difference and why it is important…because like color, with taste, there is no real reason for us to have them, to exist, that is…they along with so many other things are just a gift from God…He created them in us for our enjoyment…I’m glad an orange, an apple, a banana, a strawberry, etc…all taste and look different…what a great world it is to have color and a variety of taste…I’m always on the lookout for wonder…that was just a taste/view of just a couple of wonders…enjoy your Spring…I’m going to do it with fresh strawberries over Schwann’s vanilla ice cream tonight!!! (the juice from the fresh strawberries runs red and the ice cream turns a beautiful shade of pink)…How great is that!!!…  



  1. Thanks Jim for awakening my senses toward God and His beauty He created for us. Most undeserving but oh so welcomed.

    • Harriet…yup…we are some very lucky people aren’t we…loved by a loving God…and still have all His beauty around us to enjoy…and I enjoyed the fresh strawberries over Schwann’s ice cream last night…worth the wait…but after our strawberries are all done for the year…Minnesota will just beginning the season…enjoy some for me…we may be up there when rhubarb gets ready…I imagine it is peaking its head out of the ground right about now…Jim E

  2. makes me want strawberries an vanilla ice cream! kepp

  3. makes me want strawberries an vanilla ice cream! kep

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