Posted by: Jim E | November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Day, Wonder, Family And Me…

All things surrounding Thanksgiving in America are good…giving thanks is good…family time together is good…and the wonder of it all is good…I will have more to say about wonder in another post later…but as I went to the store this morning…Jeremy went to work there at 7:00 and works until 4…and later, as I went to take him out to lunch at 11, and waited a few minutes for him to come out…the parking lot was jammed…cars all over…families shopping together, kids in hand…heavens, Mom and Dad walking hand in hand…young and old and everywhere in between…all doing their Thanksgiving thing…and although food was on their minds this morning, as they did their shopping…I was silently hoping they would not forget what Thanksgiving is all about…and you know, I’m pretty sure being thankful has at least passed by the minds of all who I saw this morning…

The celebration of Thanksgiving has been around since the earliest days of our history…George Washington proclaimed a Thanksgiving Day…but it wasn’t until 1863, in the midst of the Civil War that President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving Day…and made it a national celebration…it changed about from one week to another until it was changed to the 4th Thursday of November…and that’s how it is today…but it has been around for all our history…as a day to thank God for what He has given to this country…it is an exceptional land…I’m thankful for America..

On my homepage header I have the opportunity to change the picture and message through “Personas”…so when November came I looked up some Thanksgiving titles…there were many…some better than others…there was Happy Turkey Day, the one I dislike the most…but many others with the use of Happy Thanksgiving with various backgrounds…but finally I found one that I liked…”Be Thankful” was the message…somehow I need more than, “It would be nice if you could be a little more appreciative of what you have.” message…”Be Thankful” is more in my face and more direct…it says to me, “Jim, You be thankful”…so there it is as I look up right now…and it says that everyday I am at my computer, to “Be Thankful”…what a good reminder…I think we all will be better people if we would “Be Thankful”…it changes the attitude, the thoughts we have…it’s hard to be bitter and thankful at the same time…hard to be angry and thankful at the same time…hard to be upset and thankful at the same time (you get the drill)…so, it’s been good for me…and it is a lot better than, “happy turkey day”…somehow that loses something in the “Be Thankful” department…

So as I saw families shopping and as I imagined them around their table…I imagine you, in however you have your Thanksgiving dinner…gathering around the table…eating whatever you decided to have…maybe turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberries, pumpkin pie, and all the trimmings…please think at that time, what you have to be thankful for…today Judie had three of our granddaughters over to make pies, certainly something to be thankful for…I have had the turkeys out of the freezer to thaw (thankful I didn’t forget that)…and am making plans for tomorrow morning when we make the oyster stuffing, the Down South stuffing, the cranberry jello salad, the giblet gravy…and so many other things…we do that because it has been part of the wonder of Thanksgiving in our family for decades…it maybe not the same for you…you may “go out” for dinner…or what ever you do…doing it with family makes it so wonderful…there is wonder in all that…and an opportunity to “Be Thankful”…hope this finds you well, and thankful this Thanksgiving…Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…



  1. Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one, Jim!

    • It was a wonderful Thanksgiving, thanks…hope you enjoyed your time with family…Jim E

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