Posted by: Jim E | November 11, 2011

11/11/11…Veterans Day…I Remember So Many…Thank You…

As the son of a WWII Navy veteran, I feel something very special about Veterans Day…in fact most patriotic days of the year…Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day…well, all of them…I try to put out my flags on everyone of those days…so it is often…well, I fly the flag on our house all year round…night and day…it is just a reminder of how I love this country…I want others to know too…and on special days I put out the rest of my smaller flags…it is an exclamation point about how I love our country…so today was no different…and here’s a picture…notice the shadows…the sun is setting a little earlier and the sun is at a more southern angle…the grass isn’t as green as earlier…but still, I love the flags and think about all those who have served and those who are serving now…I am thankful for them all…

I watched the special on History Channel the last few nights on the Viet Nam war…it was good…but I suppose incomplete for me…there is so much more to tell…and I had some problem with some of it…but on the whole it was well done…and showed what we owe to those who served in that war…because of how they were treated when they came home…I lived through all that so I know how that all that happened…I was teaching history in high school at the time…there was a lot of turmoil but it was challenging for someone who was so high on America…when so many were so angry and hated this country and the troops in the midst of  battle…I may have not liked the war and how it was carried out but I supported our troops even when most no longer did…

We just got back from Pinnacle Mountain State Park…we just wanted to check the colors as the last of the leaves turn and continue to fall…it was beautiful on this Veterans Day…how about this picture along the Big Maumelle River…smack dab in the middle of the park…

But on Veterans Day I always think of my Dad and all those men I remember from my youth…those who fought in WWII…we were surrounded by those men…I worked with them, they were our neighbors, I saw them everyday…they didn’t talk about their time in the war very much, but they referred to it often enough that it made an impression on me…the odd thing is, as I will be 70 in a few months, most of those guys are gone…my Dad died in 1999, just before his 83 birthday…and all of his friends that I knew, have all passed on…right off as I think of it, I can’t think of one person I know that served in that war…Oh, they are around, though they are dying at an accelerating rate all the time…they are all in their 80’s at least…so most will be gone in a short time…so all I can do is remember them…and remember Veterans Day every year when it arrives…

When we moved to Little Rock in 2007 and moved into our new home…the truth that we are losing WWII veterans at an alarming rate hit home…we moved next door to a WWII vet and his wife…he came over and we talked…and he was a great guy, like most of his generation…and I was looking forward to talking to him about the war and his time in the service…one day his wife came over to get me…he had fallen and couldn’t get up…couldn’t arouse him…I rushed over and though I had her call 911 and they came and tried to revive him…he died that day…we helped as we could…but I couldn’t help but think of my Dad and Mom…both living through WWII as our neighbor and his wife did…and how we lost them…and are losing them, one by one…

So I fly the flag on this and other days…to thank veterans in my quiet but visible way…and remind all those who pass by that we need to remember and show our appreciation of all veterans…so on this day I remember my Dad…he and my Mom are buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis, MN…and I can go right to the spot in my mind…and will put some pictures in this post of that beautiful place…but I won’t forget to thank all those who are serving now…and have served this great country…on this 11th day, 11th month, of the year 2011…all those 11’s won’t happen for another 100 years…I think by that time heaven will be our home…Happy Veterans Day…and remember to say “Thank You”… 



  1. Jim, I think I’ve mentioned before that you and I have quite a bit in common. My dad also served in WWII. I can remember the day he left and the day he returned. I am fortunate that my dad is still living. He is 90 and my mother is 87. They are truly a part of “The Greatest Generation.”

    As always, thank you for your post.

    Wilma in WV

    • Wilma…thanks for the comment…you are one fortunate person to have both your folks around you…I have followed you on FaceBook…and the family things going on…you greet you folks for me…they are special to me though we have never met…what a great generation of people…I think often of what they have lived through…so strong…thanks again…Jim E

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