Posted by: Jim E | September 10, 2011

Prequel To Part 1,2,3…Sons of the Pioneers, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota State Fair, Surgery, And Stuff…

I guess for a sense of what all happened on Jeremy’s vacation…I should write about what came before…it is more for “my” not forgetting than anything else…but it shows what steps we needed to take to get to the results that happened…in this case, finding Jeremy’s  tumor…as he has said, to “get this thing out of me.”…so now the steps we took…

Most of you know by now that Jeremy had a malignant brain tumor when he was two and a half…he had surgery…radiation…chemotherapy…and all kinds of “things” to get him to this point…he is now 41…he has some handicaps but on the whole, with certain meds, he is quite healthy…we just need to keep on top of his health…like all of us do, but with him we need to be a little more vigilant…

In the past few years we have notice his right cheek being more “puffed up” and red colored…and would turn very red, almost purple when he got cold…we have watched it…but we decided to take him to our family doctor, Dr. Felton, to look at it…he suggested to go to our ENT (Otolaryngology), Dr. Morris, and have her look at him…we made the appointment and took him…she examined him and suggested a CT scan…both those occurred in April…when the radiologist sent her the report of the CT scan he suggested that he could “see” something on the “left side”…not the right…Dr. Morris knew Jeremy’s history enough to remember that Dr. Keller, at Mayo Clinic, had told us that if surgery was necessary, that it should be done at Rochester because of Jeremy’s special jaw situation…

Dr. Morris asked if we would feel comfortable to send the disk of the CT scan to Dr. Keller for him to look at…by the time all this occurred, getting the disk…sending it to Dr. Keller…and hearing back after he looked at it…it was well into June…we got a call from Mayo Clinic asking us if we could make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Keller about Jeremy’s CT scan…that he wanted to see him…since we live in Little Rock, Arkansas and the Mayo Clinic is in Rochester, Minnesota, we asked if the last of August was all right…Jeremy had vacation August 25th through August 31st…Dr. Keller’s assistant suggested some times, and Friday, August 26 became the date, because Dr. Keller had surgeries on the 25th…so it was set…we still didn’t have a clue what we were in for with this consultation…we have had a special relationship with Dr. Keller, so was it just to see Jeremy…or was there something else???…we didn’t know…but the extra day gave Jeremy the opportunity to see the Sons of the Pioneers…

That brings us to Part 1, 2, and 3 of this series of posts(all three are just previous to this post)…and all that came after…I give that background to say…if our family doctor, Dr. Felton, had not referred us to our ENT, Dr. Morris…and Dr. Morris had not thought a CT scan was in order…and the radiologist did not “see something”…and then Dr. Morris had not remembered our “Dr. Keller connection”…where would we be?…would we have thought to call Dr. Keller?…I don’t know…but I do know that God’s hand had something to do with all this…there may be those who may put that aside…we choose to see the Lord’s gracious, compassionate and caring hand in our lives most days (when we are paying attention)…He showed Himself in Jeremy’s life in these last number of days in a special way…so I repeat, we are blessed…


  1. Jim,
    I just got home from Lebanon, Mo and Chester Ar. and finished reading your posts.
    So very grateful that Jeremy is doing o.k.
    You all are truly blessed.

    • As we passed by Chester, AR on our return trip from Minnesota…I remembered you had friends or relatives there…thanks for the comment…yes, Jeremy is doing well…he is amazing…and yes, we really feel we are blessed…thanks…Jim E

  2. So glad that everything has worked out! What an amazing team of people involved. Wonderful to hear Jeremy is doing well!

    • W.S….Yup…things did go well…we are thankful…and are back to normal or a normal as we ever are…enjoying the fall-like weather today…its dropped about 20 degrees here in Little Rock…for the “natives”, that means sweaters, jackets and loooong pants…me, a transplanted Minnesotan???…shorts and tee shirt, just to enjoy the high 70’s and low 80’s…it was in the 90’s the last few days…and months…so you would understand how wonderful this “new” weather is…this is normal summer weather in the north…thanks…Jim E…

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