Posted by: Jim E | August 5, 2011

Two Hot’s, (That Is Posts) In A Row…This Being A Short Hot…

Just a short post on being a bit warm in Little Rock, Arkansas…two posts in a row on it being hot, amazing…it has been over 100 for days now and we have a few more to come…I never believed that I would ever welcome 90 degrees…and think it would “cool” things off!!!…but that is the case…it is hard to believe that cooling from 115 degrees to 100 degrees would make a difference…but it does…and if we ever, and we will, get into the high 80’s again, it will seem cool…at least it probably will feel that way…we are all hoping for an 89 degree day…we will all open our houses and sit out on the porch and have coffee!!!…amazing…

Yesterday, it was 106 and today it is suppose to be 100 or so…a real cool down…but two days ago it was 115 actual temperature and at one time during the day the heat index got to 120…both of those are records here for that day…the humidity is so high…the dewpoints are in the mid 70’s and higher…that’s where the heat index comes in to play…it was at the “warning” level for all of Arkansas…it is hot…that is all we can say…just oppressive and brutal…but with A/C we can handle it…there are still guys working on replacing roofs all around us…but I noticed they took off for about 5 hours from noon until later in the afternoon…then they came back…still so hot but the sun is at least not directly above them…

We are looking forward to cooling temps in the near future…don’t know how far away…but surely it is a few weeks away (they say, October…Oh my)…hope all of you are dealing with the heat where you are…in the meantime we will just wish for the “Dog Days of Summer”…when fall seems to be in the air and we all are looking for some leaves turning…grass not being cut so often…and this hot weather ending…all right!!!…



  1. It’s been really hot here in Ohio. July was the hottest since 1946 unfortunately I work outside talk about sweating. I’ve never taken so many showers in my life ha ha….. Have a great weekend

  2. Hi Saun and Jim,
    I know what you mean about the heat. Last week, we broke a 110-year-old record here in Cincinnati for the most consecutive days above 95 degrees actual temp with a heat index above 105. This coming week is supposed to be in the mid- to upper-80s. That’s going to feel cold – maybe I should get out the coats…..haha. Crazy weather. Bring on winter and snow! Have a good week!

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