Posted by: Jim E | May 2, 2011

Noah…Now, Where Are Those Plans???…You Know, The Ark…

No kidding, this is getting a bit much…we have had “way over” 10 inches of rain in the last few days…approaching 15 maybe, maybe more…we didn’t keep track before we threw out our 5 inches in the gauge yesterday…and there is about that today, well, look for yourself…and it is still raining…and I know every drop of rain is running off the ground because the ground is saturated…and so, into the ditches, culverts, storm sewers, streams, lakes and rivers…and they are full and over-flowing…it is a bit much or did I say that???…

Every morning we go out and look for overflowing streams and creeks…here in Little Rock, they have what I would call storm runoff ponds, ditches and canals…they are fairly dry most of the year…but we can have such tremendous amounts of rain come down in such short time, it has to go somewhere…and they fill up fast…we are surrounded by mountains and the runoff is quick and can be dangerous…so they have planned canals that drain off the water nicely…sometime they even overflow…but it is fun to see them…it is like a mountain stream with rapids and ripples in the water…I know in the Rockies they have these mountain streams coming down the sides of the mountains…there, they are crystal clear…here, they are muddy, carrying runoff with it…still neat to see…

But like most places we lose more life to water than we do to tornadoes…now those F-5’s are hard to deal with…and Alabama and other Southern states suffered with tornadoes that unless you are buried in the ground, you will not escape it, if it hits your home…and they had a bunch…that is unusual, because there are very few F-5’s in this country…maybe one a year…but they had a number of them…that probably will not happen again for many years…that of course is no help to those who were lost to that one day in April 2011…but in Arkansas, we lost more to water and flooding than to the tornadoes that came through our state last week…

So I am officially done with Spring storms, that’s it, it’s over…now, they are not unusual for Arkansas…but I am through with them…and this water coming from the skies???…I would like that to cease for a while too…they were talking about a drought here in Arkansas last week…that talk, by the way…is over…now it is flooding and road closings and washed-out bridges and roads…and water, water, everywhere…

So I guess if my “declaring Spring storms over”, doesn’t work and if the rains keep on…I guess I will have to keep emptying my rain gauge…and keep asking if Noah can return and find those plans…and…we will begin again…aah, you know, build that big, big boat…


  1. We are having the same problem here in Ohio. I put my rain barrels up two weeks ago. I had to open them up way too much rain. One of my friends said they didn’t think all of the water was coming from the sky. Stay dry have a wonderful week!

  2. I know what you mean Jim and Saun. The Ohio River crested this past week over 5 feet above flood stage. There have been evacuations here in Cincinnati as well as in Northern Kentucky due to all of the flooding. The river finally fell below flood stage but then more rain happened (and it’s still happening today). It’s supposed to be dry here Wednesday and Thursday but then rain returns on Friday. This is crazy! Be safe (and dry)!

    • Julie and Saun…finally our rain stopped…and we have had a couple of days of “dry” and sun…it is beautiful…we have a couple of Bluebirds in and out of our birdhouse…so can nesting be far away???…to see Bluebirds fluttering around in the sun…and courting as they do…singing to each other…well, it must be Spring!!!…so we have our insurance adjuster coming for the hail damage and all the rest…but that is good too…life is full and running over…from Arkansas all the way to Ohio…you both have a great weekend…

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