Posted by: Jim E | March 13, 2011

Earthquake, Tsunami, Murder…But Still It Is Spring, With Daffodils…We’ll Add Faith…

I am beside myself with the news I read this morning…you won’t probably see much coverage in the news, it will be shrugged off as of little account…what with the horrible earthquake in Japan and another in China…and the following tsunami…and the terrible loss of life…the fears of radioactivity being released from power plants in Japan…with all that, we will probably not see much about the slaughter of the Fogel family in Israel…Rabbi Udi Fogel; his wife Ruth; Youav, 11; Elad, 4; Hadas, 3 months…three other children survived, Tamar, 12; Roi, 8; Yishai, 2…

They were stabbed to death in their beds, while they were asleep…first the parents and the 3 month old…then the other two in their rooms…the scene was gruesome, as the 12 year old discovered the slaughter…she went next door for help and when they got back they found the 2 year old sitting in the blood shaking his mother and father, asking them to wake up…the video report of the murder was taken down by YouTube and Facebook just hours after it went up…for what reason???…I don’t know…when are the people in this country, especially the media going to call it what it is…evil…there is no way I can give any credence to any argument about land, etc…and then justify killing innocent people…a 3 month old baby in his bed???…come on…call it what it is…

And then they are cheering in the Palestinian streets and giving out candy as they celebrate this slaughter…they will probably name another square or street or boulevard after these butchers, as they have done other times…I am just waiting for our government to respond with more than its customary few “words” of response…a 3 month old baby…children…I am more than horrified by this…you can see the video that was taken down by our censors in this country by going to… …go to their site and look for their post on this is called “Scenes From A Massacre” posted this morning March 13, 2011 at 7:59…I have seen this video other places too…but this may be easier…I can’t get it to go in my post or I would…

I found this story so overwhelming that it just added to the “bad news” of the last few days…but it again makes me so happy to be an American and to be living here…we are in bad enough shape as a country…and though I think we badly need a change at the top…where all the attacks on our basic beliefs as a people are coming from…bad enough to have them come at all…but from the highest office…I am appalled…enough about that…I still have great hope for our country…at least for now, we are only one election from changing what is happening in this country…we can take solace in that…

With all this in our lives…yesterday, it was beautiful…in the upper 70’s with clear blue sky…and we took off for Wye Mountain…and the daffodils…it was a great road trip…we took back roads…and came up to the place where there are at least 4-6 acres of daffodils…and hundreds of cars parked all over the area…along the highway and in the parking lots…all overloaded with cars…and people walking among the daffodils…it was beautiful…here are some pictures from last year…we couldn’t even get out to see this time…we will go up there again this week before all the blooms are gone…for me I need to remind myself that this world is full of trouble and turmoil…and sometimes when all around us is bad news…I must look around at what God has given all of us…and as I read earlier this week in Psalm 103:1-2 “Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless His holy name. Bless the Lord, O my soul and forget not all His benefits:” and then the Psalm goes on to list His blessings…”…forget not all His benefits”…that is what I must do today and every day because “bad news” comes to us all the time…and we need to be thankful for all that is around us…and forget not all His benefits…let’s acknowledge them instead of overlooking His overflowing blessings…

And after my spouting off…I guess I need this more today than yesterday…as I read…”Adding up your blessings will multiply your joy”…I will start my addition right now…because life is still wonderful…and it is still Spring…with flowers…I just need to add faith…and pray for the Holy Land…



  1. Love the daffodils they haven’t even started to peak out here in Ohio. In your last blog you were wondering if my photos give me the same feeling yes they do. Have a wonderful week .

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