Posted by: Jim E | December 30, 2010

A New Year…I Want To Walk These Days With You…

I just looked back and found that I started this blog a year ago…December 30, 2009 was my first post…there have been 121 posts this year…when I started I thought, “One a week…I’ll try that.”…I guess there have been a few more than that…I really didn’t know how it would go…and I still don’t…will I run out of ideas?…will anyone care?…and, do “I” really care that much?…I still don’t know the answers to the first two questions…but found out that “I” do really care about the posts that I write from time to time…its fun…sometimes hard…but all the time worth the effort…to put down thoughts that are up there banging around…Oh, I know, you have those thoughts too…we just need an outlet…hopefully, some of my thoughts match yours…

I had to put away any thoughts or concerns about whether people would read what I write or not…that is the first thing I put aside…in the end, that is not why people write down their thoughts…if people do read, well, “that’s just gravy” as my Mom used to say…so if you read this…thanks for the gravy…and it does give me some degree of satisfaction that some may enjoy my ruminations…thanks again…

So for the next year???…well, I have found I can’t think like that…I will take it a day at a time…and see what comes up…life is so full of “stuff”…that some time, well most of the time, I don’t have the time to write and do some basic research into the subject so it will make some sense to those who may read…but I will continue to try…

So here we are the last days of December 2010…its December 30 today…one more day of the year…as we get older, years seem to pass by quickly…at least faster than they did as a child…I take each year as it comes…make plans but nothing too far ahead…I just don’t know about tomorrow…so I hang on to things loosely…but I am as upbeat about tomorrow as I am about today…life is so wonderful…to see what is going on…even if I am not a part of all of it…being a spectator is not all bad…

I have decided long ago that I would put my life in God’s hands…and see where He would take me…lots of surprises…lots of hard times…but more good times…no, they were great times…and those memories “kick-start” much of what I think about day to day…hopefully you are using your memories…they help to make life worthwhile…and full of good things…

I have a poem that gives some meaning to all that above…its a favorite of mine…got it years ago from somewhere…and have used it from time to time…it’s called “Unmapped Miles Ahead” by Joan Rae Mills…

I wrap up/ the last day of December./ Ahead hang months/ Of unmapped miles./ Inside me/ eagerness/ tangles with trepidation./ Questions/ rim my heart:/ What trial?/ What triumph?/ What will meet me tomorrow?

Creator of our chronology-/ You who set up seasons/ split light from night/ walked timelines in both directions-/ You know what’s waiting./

Hold my hours in Your hands/ tug me toward right/ tap my shoulder and whisper instructions/ Fill my heart with Your directions./ I want to walk these days/ with You.

This is where I live…what I want in life…“Hold my hours in your hands…tug me toward right…tap my shoulder and whisper instructions…fill my heart with Your directions…I want to walk these days with You.”…

Join me will you…let’s go for that walk in this New Year…Happy New Year…



  1. As for me…I will be reading your blog!

  2. Hi Jim!
    I’m with Ruthie – I’ll continue reading your blog. Your insight and thoughts are amazing. Oftentimes, they really make me reflect on my own life and thoughts, which is a good thing. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. Merry Christmas to you, Judie, your sons and family! Have a safe and Happy New Year!!

  3. I too will continue to read your ‘blog”. From time to time I forward it to my youngest daughter.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

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