Posted by: Jim E | December 29, 2010

I Guess Winter Is Here…Sort Of…I’m Just Going To Be Content…

With the winter weather in many parts of America…I guess winter is really here…but “here”…(“here”, meaning Arkansas) it is certainly colder than it was last summer…so the drop of temperature from 100 degrees down to 30…well, that is a drop of 70 degrees…that is significant, I guess…but when I compare that to where we used to live in Minnesota…being in the thirties during winter is wonderful…

Now, mind you…many people in Minnesota like lots of snow and cold…the old adage, “If you’re going to live here, you may as well enjoy it.”…is a good thought to have…for in Minnesota winter can last for “some time”…November through March and April is a good bet…you can get snow and cold during those months…and there are lots of outdoor activities during the winter months…all manner of snow, ice and cold related gear is bought and used during those months…

So the last of December or the first of January is not the time to ask, “So how’s the winter going.”…that is if you are looking for a negative remark…winter is beautiful and fun for many…but as you get into January, February, March…slowly the enthusiasm for winter drops off for lots of people…fighting the snow and ice getting to work…loses its luster…and the cold is unrelenting…the old saying, “When the days get longer, the cold gets stronger.” is true…you would think when the days start getting longer, the sun is shining more…it should get warmer…but it just seems to “hold on” and gets stronger during January and February…and so Minnesotans can count on a lot more winter before it gets better…so…”If you’re going to live here, you might as well enjoy it.” takes on more importance…

But “here”, in Arkansas, the weather is a bit chilly…I still have not put on a jacket…a vest, but not a jacket…and the average temperature is about 50 right now…in fact, the first day of winter, December 21st, it was 74 degrees or some such foolish number…you just never know…we can have temps in the 20’s at night and then up into the 60’s the next day…if the sun is out and the wind out of the southwest it can get warm, quick…so, winter???…well, I guess, sort of…for those who are from here, it is winter…for me…just a “cold snap”…and wear long pants but keep the “t shirt”…but I must admit, we love it…if it snows, wait a day and it will all be gone…and don’t expect another day like that for a long time…probably not until next winter…

Winter in Minnesota is the highwater mark when it comes to winter…here, we are in between…we have some cold, many trees lose their leaves…in other words, we do truly have 4 seasons…and they are all about equally long…there is a spring and a fall, and they are long…winter is short and summer…well, summer is long and very hot…and humid…so there are trade-offs…and we are adopting the old adage from Minnesota…”If you are going to live here, you may as well enjoy it.”…and for victory over winter anxiety…Philippians 4:11 “…for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”…the Bible still trumps all…even winter…



  1. We must have more snow than you, but I’m sure our elevation is higher. We had snow on the ground from December 18th through the end of March last year. Could not even get into the back yard without shoveling a path. It started much earlier this year with snow begining about December 10th. We have a surburban, so we have been able to go whenever we want to go. My Dad is in a nursing home and someone takes my mom to visit him every day. We have assumed the duties several times since our vehicle is up to the challenge.

    Your verse above is on my home facebook page. I truly live by this, therefore everything else we face, including the weather, is all relative.

    Thanks for your reflections.

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