Posted by: Jim E | December 22, 2010

Christmas Magical Tree Trimming…Who Did It???…

We live in West Little Rock, AR…its a newer part of Little Rock…even since we moved here in the summer of 2007…there has been lots of growth…building of all kinds and the rural nature of the area has changed to a more suburban type of place, though if you turn to the west less than a mile or so, you are in the country…and though all that is the case, still there are lots of trees, lots of open land and still a feel of being “out” of the city…

This post is to celebrate all the trees that are on the mountains that surround us and who trims some of them…it is all open land (meaning undeveloped but covered with trees)…maybe it will be developed one day…but today it is a beautiful view if you are driving though this area…one of the roads we are on almost everyday…in fact some days we are on it several times…its name is Rahling Road and runs for a few miles between two major roadways…over one of the mountains that separates those roads…it has a paved running/walking trail along the whole route…a perfect place for people who live in this area to walk or run (though at times it is too steep for some)…and hundreds of people use it everyday…as well as thousands of people drive Rahling Road as well…

Just before Christmas some people, I imagine people who use the trail…decorate pine trees along the trail…not a professional job but things they probably brought with them as they walk or run…but I am impressed that it happens at all…and when Christmas is over…down come the trimmings…we look forward to this every year…and every year there they are…

In the day we live in…and in some cities…there would be a law against this…you know, where almost anything you do is illegal…but here I guess it has not gone that far…and hopefully this can continue…it brings joy to me and I’m sure many others who drive, run or walk by…so for this Christmas at least…here’s a little Magical Christmas tree trimming…who does it????…I don’t know…but thanks…

Though not impressive…yet it is the message it brings to those who pass by…the spirit of Christmas…of someone who went out of their way to bring a little joy at this time of year…thanks again…


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