Posted by: Jim E | November 13, 2010

Peak Color Has Arrived…Fall, Just Continues Unabated…Snow, What’s Snow???…

We have been in Arkansas since 2007…and we are still not used to the seasons yet…today in Minnesota, at least the Twin Cities, where we are from, are getting socked in by heavy wet snow…just the kind of early snowfall that I have been used to…and can anyone forget the 1991 Halloween Blizzard…that always brings out lots of affirmative head-shakes…who could forget it…and it just “hung around”…there have been some lu-lu’s over the years in Minnesota…(sidebar, a lu-lu is a dandy, or a beaut or a doozy or a humdinger or a jim-dandy or a ripsnorter; well, you get the drift…end sidebar)…so we expect it…Minnesota is filled with snow related folklore that would drive most people, in other parts of the country, to see it as just that, folklore…it just couldn’t be true…but it really is…

The Halloween Blizzard of 1991 was part of the “Perfect Storm” off the East coast of the United States…there was a movie of the same name…and that “nor’easter” that hit the East coast kept the Midwest blizzard in place for most of 4 days…October 31-November 3…and it was a lu-lu…a ripsnorter…there was 28 inches of snow in the Twin Cities and 37 inches in Duluth, MN…it was one to remember…as did the East coast remember theirs…what a few days…

Boy, I got wrapped up in that didn’t I???…anyway…it is snowing in Minnesota right now…I have seen some pictures…no doubt it is beautiful…heavy white and sticking to everything…this one of the dog is from the 1991 Halloween Blizzard and you can see how much snow came down…by the way, no one wants all that snow…beautiful but hard to shovel…and if you are not a “kid”, just not fun…so far I guess the snow today in Minnesota will be far short of that blizzard…between 8 and 12 inches…but that is enough for anyone…they are not strangers of that kind of weather and by November snow is expected…certainly before Thanksgiving…they will survive and take a deep breath and say, as I did, “It keeps the riff-raff out.”…

How did I get so far afield…I was talking about Arkansas…and how I can’t get the seasons down in my mind…I kinda knew, after spending my whole life in Minnesota, when seasons come and go…and what to expect…here I am still surprised by how long Fall is…I wrote a month ago that it was fall and the leaves were turning…well, how wrong can I be…I mean, yes, fall was beginning and yes, some leaves were falling…(sidebar…some leaves do fall earlier down here on some trees…the only reason I can make of it is…they are just “tired” from all that 100 degree heat…and just fall from shear exhaustion…that has got to be it…end sidebar)…anyway, this week the leaves are at their peak of color…it is beautiful…everywhere you look it is breath-taking…can you believe it?…it is the middle of November and the peak color just started this week…that is hard for me to take it, but I love it…and the temp this week was in the high 70’s…it is colder today and only getting into the 60’s and maybe Fall really is here…and you know, I can do without the snow…I will miss it some but not 8-12 inches worth…pictures will have to do…

Here is one more from a friend in Minneapolis…as you can see it is beautiful and so white…We always loved the first snow…and maybe the second and maybe the third…you get the point…after a few months of the snow and cold…it gets a little much…kinda like the summer heat in Arkansas…after a few months well, just ask those trees that give up their leaves early…they say, “Enough already!!!”…I know you get the point…

But we are enjoying this long Fall…I will send a picture on our street looking toward our house…it gives a glimpse of what it is like all over central Arkansas…color is at it’s peak…and they are beautiful…you can see the mountain behind our house…we are surrounded by mountains and they all have their own character…and have beauty in their own way…hope you are having a wonderful Fall season…and we hope you and yours are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons…this whole time of year looks ahead with hope and blessing for us all…

Can you beat the beauty of the pictures in this post..I look and see all that God has made and marvel in it…North or South, East or West…God’s beauty is there to behold…we just need to open our eyes…


  1. One reason I like living where we are is that we get snow, but it doesn’t stick around that long. We generally get 12 – 12 inches in a winter.

    The colors on the trees are beautiful.


  2. Talked to my daughtrs. One in Minneapolis, a couple inches of the wet heavy stuff. The other in New richmond, Wi. 5+ inches. My grandson John and neighbor Jordon have played outside most of the day. They love the snow. John is old enough to ride snowmobiles on the trails this year, having taken the snowmobile course, so he is looking forward to this.He is truly an outdoor kid.
    Love the fall colors==most of the leaves have fallen off the trees here in So. Illinois. We finally got a little more rain,still not enough,but happy to get what we did.

  3. Those are gorgeous pictures Jim! I absolutely love the snow. The more, the better. Winter is my favorite season, with Fall being a close second. The picture of your street is beautiful. Such vibrant colors!
    Take care,

  4. Fall is in its last throes of life here in West Virginia. About the only color left is the Bradford pears, many of which line our highways. We have already had snow and many nights of frost. Of course, we are farther north than you. We had a really tough winter last year and really am not ready for the snow yet.

    We are going to North Carolina this weekend for the wedding of a grandson. The wedding itself will be held outside, but the weather forecast is for the high fifties. I can handle that with ease.

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

  5. Well…its snowing here. Falls been gone for a couple of weeks now. Our colors peak in mid-Oct…it happens so fast before you know it they’ve all fallen to the ground. So, Dec.21 is still a long way off, but as you well know, winter likes to get an early start. Keep Chuck and Sue in your prayers…they are crossing the Mackinaw on Wednesday…weather permitting!

  6. I enjoyed your pictures and your story. I lived in Minneapolis for a very short time. My husband (now ex-husband) played for the Vikings (place kicker) back in 89-90. At any rate, I found your site as I was trying to find a place close to Monroe, LA that would have enough snow for my Grands from FL to actually see snow for Christmas.

    Take care! You have a beautiful view from your home!

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