Posted by: Jim E | October 27, 2010

Good Old Days…Today…And Tomorrow…

Just the other day as I was reading one of my favorite blogs…one that I make a comment on from time to time…(on most I do not make comments for whatever reason)…anyway I made a comment that day…the post made reference about “The Good Old Days”…and whether there were “Good Old Days” or not…

Part of my comment had to do with something my parents said…mostly my dad…he often said, “The only thing good about the good old days is: they’re gone.”…making it, half in jest, half seriously…and he certainly had a point…he and my mom were born right around WWI…my dad in 1916 and my mom in 1920…they grew up during the 1920’s…and before they hit their 20’s, they were in the middle of the Great Depression…dad served in the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) during the depression…and before they knew it, WWII was at their doorstep (1941)…my dad served in the Navy in the South Pacific, my mom at home…after WWII came the Cold War, Korean War, and on and on…they never really had much of this world’s possessions…

And I don’t know which one of those times were suppose to be the “Good Old Days” but they all seemed to be a little wanting in the good category…that of course was my parents point, at least the serious side of it…reminding you again…”The only thing good about the Good Old Days is: they’re gone.”…we can all be a bit nostalgic when it comes to our past…and I suppose that is good…we can remember good things in our lives…family traditions, certain members of our family…vacations taken…marriages, births, graduations…the list can go on and on…but tucked in with all the good things are all kinds of situations that were difficult…and concerning those things, we’re glad they’re gone…but we still can become melancholy about the past…in the musical “State Fair”, Jeanne Crain plays Margie who just wants something to pull her out of her melancholy mood…as in “It Might As Well Be Spring”, the Academy Award’s best song for 1945…enjoy some nostalgia and the past in this song…

In life then, are all kinds of experiences good and bad…I like to put it this way…life is hard but life is good…I think that is what my dad meant too…he was glad that the problems of life in the past have been dealt with and are gone…and we need to enjoy life now and look ahead with arms open to the good that is ahead…there will be situations that are very hard…but life itself is so good…and the will to enjoy it is important…I remember so many times when I knew people going through very hard times…but they decided to endure…to go the distance…and what seemed like something they could not endure…instead, helped to make them what they were…

Oh, I’ll tell you…I look forward to today…for it is new…I don’t know what it will bring…but I am committed to enjoy everyday I have…and to put in God’s hands all the uncertainty of today and tomorrow…knowing I will face them as they come…because life is hard but life is so good…

And tomorrow…well, for one thing, I look forward to my grandchildren growing up…to birthdays, to graduations, to marriages, to great grand children, (if I live so long)…and all the good things that come with life…and the hard things???…well, we have experienced much of that in our lives…and we will walk through all those things ahead of us, as the Lord enables us…

So wars, depressions, 9/11 and so many other huge happenings will still happen…but life goes on inevitably anyway…and we must enjoy all that life dishes out…

Yearning for the past is fun to do…looking back when we “think” things were better is an escape to good thoughts and that’s okay as long as we don’t “live” there…but no matter if those times were all that “good” or not…is not the question, the truth is…a sentimental yearning for a return to the past is irrecoverable…so we might as well look ahead to today and tomorrow…leaving “The Good Old Days” a place in our mind to visit and enjoy, but remember they are gone…



  1. Hi Jim!
    I loved this post. All of it is so true. I’ve heard the saying “Visiting the past is good as long as you don’t take up residence” and I agree. Visiting the past can be a good thing – remembering the hard times and realizing that you survived and may have become a stronger person; then remembering the good times and smiling or laughing. Thank you so much for talking about this.
    Take care,

  2. Quite a nostalgic post. I once wrote a piece about the “good old days” in an Appalachian writing class and the fact that not everything was good. In it I mentioned watching my mother hang clothes on the line in the dead of an icy winter and bringing them in when “stiff.” We live in the mountains of southern West Virginia and I remember getting so car sick when we drove the curvy roads. It is wonderful to now have four lane highways and a tunnel through two mountains that were each several miles up and down.

    I too have fond memories of those days gone by, but am also content to live today and look forward to tomorrow. We are already experiencing our great grandchildren ( 2 and another little girl due in January). It’s true there are hard times and sometimes it’s only by God’s grace that we are able to survive.

    I am so fortunate that my parents are still alive and they will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on November 20th. It’s rather amazing that we have a grandson who is getting married that day. Isn’t that a wonderful legacy to leave to this young couple?

    Thanks for letting me reminisce.


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