Posted by: Jim E | September 13, 2010

Takin’ A Road Trip…Music For The Road…

We’re going on a road trip…just for a few days…most would think us crazy to go from Little Rock, AR and traveling to Minneapolis, MN for a few days…and they may be right…but we don’t see it that way…two of our sons, their wives and families live there and we want to see them…how they are…how the grandkids are doing…and we lived there for “a hundred years” before we moved to Arkansas…so there are some things and people we want to see…all that in 4 days…impossible???…yup, impossible…but we need to try and it will be great…seeing and talking to whomever we can…seeing where we lived for so long…just reminiscing about our lives there…it’s Jeremy’s vacation so that’s why it is limited…we’re fine with that…it’s the life we have chosen…

Judie and Jeremy are right now out in Billings, MT…seeing her Mom/Jeremy’s Grandma…and also Judie’s brother and sister-in-law and their family…they are having a wonderful time…how do I know???…haven’t heard from them, that’s how…so either they are dead or they are having a great time…I chose to believe the latter…we have been there many times and they know the haunts to see while there…and are seeing some of them for me…my proxy, so to speak…and that is good enough…because when they fly into Little Rock, AR…they will get in the car and we will take off immediately for Minnesota…we will stop in Kansas City for the night and then Minneapolis the next day…we will spend 2 full days and part of one other day…then back the same way we came…crazy???…maybe…but we will enjoy whatever time we have there and with people we love…so all is good…

We have music and snacks for the trip…while Judie and Jeremy have been gone…I have prepared for the trip…we already packed before they left…but now the important stuff is my job…today I bought “seeds”…yes, “seeds”…most of you know what that is…but let me give you the description…and the image of “David” sunflower seeds, “Jalapeno Hot Salsa”…and as you will notice on the package the words: “Eat.Spit.Be Happy.”…and I have my “spit cup”…so, I’m happy…what more do I need…the trip just flies by with just the right amount of “seeds” in the mouth, “spit cup” in hand…the road ahead…and music to “spit by”…what a great thought…and of course, good conversation…(well, with “seeds” in my mouth…a lot of listening, if you know what I mean)…

We like all kinds of music, well, within reason…after all I am 68 and haven’t ever watched or been interested in the MTV music awards or what ever they are called…but otherwise I do like a variety of music…and just before I decided to post something about this road trip…I was playing Alison Krauss…the song written by Gordon Lightfoot, called “Shadows”…Krauss’ backup from her “Union Station”…fine musicians in their own right…I will post the YouTube…it is worth a listen, their play on the instruments is wonderful, so much talent…no matter your genre of musical taste, you just have to love this…and the song, “All about aging and lost love, this song has never sounded better”…

And the words of the first verse and chorus: “Shadows”

Let me reach out love and touch you,/ Let me hold you for awhile./ I’ve been all around the world/ Oh how I long to see you smile./ There’s a shadow on the moon/ And the waters here below/ Do not shine the way they should/ And I love you just in case you didn’t know./  (chorus) Let it go/ Let it happen like it happened once before./ it’s a wicked wind/ and it chills me to the bone/ And if you so not believe me/ Come and gaze upon the shadow at your door./

One of the reasons I have been interested in songs by Gordon Lightfoot is because of his “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”…it is a haunting song…it’s driving beat, melody and words bring to mind what that must have been like on Lake Superior that November night…and I remember very well when that happened (November 10, 1975) and being from Minnesota it effects me more I suppose…I have been on Lake Superior and on an ore ship…it lets us know how small we really are compared to the Lake and nature itself…I will post the song by Lightfoot…with the words of the song…it is about 6:30 long…but if you follow you can feel a bit of the struggle that those men must have been going through when they went down…

Okay, these are only two songs I like…but they are special…both by Gordon Lightfoot…and both are great in their own way…how does this fit into our road trip…oh, it just brings a certain pleasure to listen to talented people…talent from God for our enjoyment…isn’t it wonderful that music is here for us…there are thousands of pieces of music to chose from…some, of course, will not live beyond that moment…but many for years and decades…but for us, Judie, Jeremy and I…well, it will carry us to Minnesota and back…country, gospel, southern gospel, pop, musicals, cowboy/western…and more…come along…enjoy the music of your life…



  1. I met you on the, I love the way you write and tell a story you remind me of the author Robert Fulghum. Anyway I love road trips too. And thank God for ipods. I enjoyed the Alison Krauss song. One of my favorite songs is by Martina McBride…Anyway. And the song you have to have on a road trip is by Willie Nelson ..On the Road Again. Thanks for sharing keep up the posts and enjoy your trip.

  2. Have a safe trip to Minneapple!! When I was there in July we went to the sculpture garden. I went to see the big spoon with the cherry on it. Pretty cool.
    I will be leaving on Wed. to visit a cousin in Lebanon, Mo and than onto Chester, Ar to do some hiking and a concert on Sat. night.
    Again have a safe trip.Enjoy your post.

  3. I’m sure that you know that where the Fitzgerald went down is in the “Great Lakes triangle”. If I remember right, that it is a smaller area than the Bermuda Triangle but more planes, ships and boats have disappeared.

    I use to scuba dive and have been diving in Superior, and it is always cold. I think the saying goes “Superior does not give up it’s dead”…because it never warms up

  4. Seeds and Music…makes me wish I was on the trip with you. Well, next time you visit the U.P. you’ll have to stop by and share.

  5. Nice post Dad. Looking forward to seeing you if only for a short time. We have fun plans, dinner out, highschool tour (yes, Joe’s a 9th grader now!) and watching a little football practice and Julia’s xcountry pratice. Travel safe. BTW, Joe and I love seeds on a trip. Our favorite right now is Jim Beam BBQ flavor. Pick them up, they are good.

  6. Jim and Judie,

    We, too, have our favorites when we travel,usually something that is really upbeat and even sometimes silly such as southern gospel and the Statler Brothers.

    We play mountain dulcimers and I play Celtic harp, hammered dulcimer, piano and some other things. We really enjoy listening to the CDs of Susan Trump. She has one, “Live at the Cafe Lena” that is absolutely filled with her uncanny sense of humor shown in the selections she sings. These and the songs in her other albums bring back fond memories of times gone by.

    I have a bunch of other performers in this genre if you would be interested. I can give you names galore. We are of a similar age and I have been so fortunate to meet and know some of these great performers since I started playing these beautiful instruments in 1997.

    Again, sorry this is long. Here’s to having a great and safe trip.


    • PS: I, too, love Gordon Lightfoot and “The Edmund Fitzgerald”. I remember when it happened.

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