Posted by: Jim E | August 15, 2010

Alone…But Not Lonely…CRHS…imjustwalkin…

All of us have felt alone…in our world so full of things to do…and so many people around us…sometime we still feel like we are alone…there are songs, literature, movies…all kinds of things that talk about being lonely…the feeling of being alone…

I remember as if it was yesterday…it was in my former life…a principal of a large suburban high school, north of Minneapolis…there were about 3,000 people in the building at any one time…but there were times when I felt alone…it seemed like I had to face whatever was ahead alone…one day when I had to face some particularly heavy issues…I was in my office…it was dark outside…kids were coming in for school…I could look out my window and I knew nothing was going to stop what was ahead…just then an email came in…from my wife, Judie, she knew what was ahead…it went like this (edited): “Good Morning Sunshine!!!! (not that morning) I do hope that you slept well last nite. I know that that makes a big difference how your day goes…My prayers are with you each day…Have a great DAY and don’t forget to give it to God…He loves you and so do I. Me”…

I wrote back: “Judie…sometimes when things like this happen…I feel that I am all alone…that even God has forsaken me…but I know He is there…I look at things through God’s Word and KNOW He is there…but it is hard when people accuse you of terrible things…I look at the promises of God…like the verses in Proverbs you gave me…and it gives me hope…today will be a challenge…I just don’t want to fall off the trail…Me”

The verses that I referred to…Judie gave to me that year…they are still up on my wall 13 years later:

“Have Two Goals: WISDOM…that is knowing and doing right…and COMMON SENSE…Don’t let them slip away, For they fill you with living energy…And bring you honor and respect…They keep you safe from defeat and disaster…And from stumbling off the trail…With them on guard you can sleep without fear…You need not be afraid of disaster…Or the plots of wicked men…For the Lord is with you…He protects you.”   From Proverbs 3:21-26 (Living Bible)…

That day came and went…I held on to those verses…and it helped me be successful that day…though I felt I was alone…yet I knew I wasn’t…that I had purpose and direction…and though it was a hard day…wisdom and common sense carried the day…and I stayed on the path that I knew was right…there was a confidence that came from within…it has happened many times since…

I have been following Matt Green, http://www.imjustwalkin…and if you have been reading my posts…you already know that…and on his website many people have commented about all kinds of issues…mostly about Matt and his pictures and all about his walk…but once in a while it goes to something else…one day this came up in the comments from Lisa…I don’t remember exactly what she was responding to…but this is part of what she wrote:

“I had a very deep thought one day quite a while back that when Matt started out on this he probably had many hours, days and such that he felt alone. But we can all see him through his pictures and we are all here, strangers to him, but we care about this individual as though he has always been in our lives. Praying for him, waiting to hear that he made it through another day and so on. But what struck me the very most was that there really is Someone that we cannot see right now, who is watching over us and praying for us and that really does care. That made it even more real to me that we are never alone. Just like Matt.”

I was moved by those comments…(I guess so much that I copy/pasted them)…Lisa had it right…we are never alone…most of us have those feelings from time to time…we have family, friends, all kinds of people who care about us…even though they seem silent in their concern…but we are important to so many…though it seems at the time we are alone…being alone without being lonely…that is the ticket…Jesus said, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5…I guess that will have to be enough for me…

It is a comfort that I am comforted with…that I/We are not alone…



  1. Sniff, sniff – pass the tissues please! : )

    Well put – both of you!

  2. Jim, thank you for this post. My sister’s granddaughter, 3 months, died suddenly last Friday. As with any infants death, it shook us to our very core, but we knew that God is in complete control of everything. The parents decided to have a private service with only family. My parents are still living, and this was particularly hard for them, but all of us felt that being able to attend the service would help bring closure.

    On Monday, my nephew, the father of the baby called his mother (my sister) and said that she and any of our family could not come to the service. All of this stemmed from a long ago divorce between her and his father. Needless to say, we felt completely helpless.

    We have relied on His Word to get us through this week. Your quotes from Proverbs were so appropriate to our situation. Thank you.

    I’m sorry this is so long. Just thank you.

  3. A+ would read again

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