Posted by: Jim E | July 24, 2010

You Have To Learn To Wait…

In the latest issue of the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer there is an article called “Fishing After The Flood”…(you can read it here…the flood they referred to happened in 2007 in Whitewater River area in Southeastern Minnesota… and much like most natural disasters, i.e. floods, forest fires, etc…most of us think, “It will never be the same.”…and that may be true…it may not be exactly like it was…but nature recovers in miraculous ways…it’s the way God created it…and it may even be better than before…as the article talks about…

The part of the article that interested me, for this post anyway, was the physical changes that occurred: trees tore out, river banks shifted, roads washed away, the river carved a new path for itself…with the 17 inches of rain and the flash flood, they thought trout fishing, which is what Whitewater was known for, would be ruined for a period of time…but instead it was better than expected…and some of the best “pools” for fishing changed dramatically because of the flood waters…what was a clear small pool with riffles, was left a muddy wide spot…they will leave the river to do it’s own recovery…and in 20 years the area will look much less severe…I hear in those words: “You Have To Learn To Wait”…for these new “pools” to run cold and clear…

My kids and maybe my grandkids have heard me say this many times…but in our instant generation most of us don’t wait very easily…we need to learn…F.B. Meyer wrote, “Prayer means not always talking to Him, but waiting before Him till the dust settles and the stream runs clear.”…sometimes that is just the way life is…difficulties come whether a flood or an illness or the future doesn’t seems to run clean and clear…that is when we have to learn to wait…so many times like the fishermen and scientists in the above article…we rush to judgment about a situation…instead of sitting back and waiting “till the dust settles and the stream runs clear”…

I say and think this a lot because I have had to do it many times in my life…people who jump at every situation usually have many regrets as life goes on…most of us learn to wait before jumping…those that don’t have a rough time of it…life is full of people who have to sit on the sidelines watching what could have been, move further and further away…because of mistakes made along the way…I choose to wait on the Lord to move things along and then I will move out into the current…knowing which way it is moving, how fast and whether my craft is ready for the journey…some may say that you have to take chances…but life is still fraught with enough uncertainty and danger without jumping into a situation without waiting for the right time…or thinking it through…

So it boils down to jumping in  or waiting…the key seems to be “waiting on the Lord”…


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