Posted by: Jim E | May 31, 2010

An American Trilogy…Memorial Day…

Kudos to PowerLine…”Memorial Day provides a good occasion to revisit Mickey Newbury’s inspired version of the trilogy”…

Newbury didn’t write the song…but this is his original arrangement of the three classic American songs…the video below will give you a glimpse into his talent…

A discographic essay on Newbury’s site discusses the origin of the song as well as it status as the most recorded of Newbury’s songs:

“Can you imagine combining Civil War era songs of the North, South and African-American slaves into one unified movement? On a starry evening in May of 1970 while appearing on the stage at the Bitter End West, Newbury did just that. The impromptu arrangement just came together on that magical night and in one moment of brilliant inspiration. Since then, “An American Trilogy” has become one of the most interpreted pieces in history with 443 versions, ranging from Dolly Parton to the London Symphony Orchestra to Elvis Aron Presley’s glitzy Vegas production, eagle cape and all. At the end of 1999, some 600,000 people in the United Kingdom selected Presley’s version of “Trilogy” as the number one American song of the millennium.”

You have all heard it…probably Elvis’ version…but hundreds have sung and recorded it…and as you listen to this version by the one who first arranged it…you will say…”Oh my, I love that song…I just didn’t realize the background”…and of course the meaning of the song…

Isn’t history wonderful!!!…even about music…because it pulls in everything else that is happening around it…have a great Memorial Day…Isn’t this a great country!!!…

Oh, go ahead…go back and listen to it again…


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