Posted by: Jim E | April 7, 2010

Milky Way –

I don’t usually do this…that is, sending a recipe on a post…and what’s more, I haven’t even made the recipe yet…but it looks terrific and very different…the cake is called “Tres Leches cake”…named for the three milks it contains…

And they said in “relish” magazine (which comes in our paper every Wednesday) that there is “No need to poke holes…the cake absorbs the milks (yes, milks) from underneath”…it looks great and with fresh fruit over the top…I’m goin’ for it…next chance I get…

Click on the link and hopefully it will go to the site…if not you can go to the site yourself and look around…the cake is in on the first page…but look around…some good stuff there…

Milky Way – Relish

Judie made some homemade bean soup from our Easter ham (bone, etc.)…and it was great…I’ll not send that recipe like above but if you want it I will get it together…and we will have it again tonight…it will be better tonight…always better the second night…and today we went to the Boulevard Bread store for a baguette to have with the soup tonight…they have the best baguette that I have ever had…so crisp on the outside…soft on the inside…I guess I’m hungry…better sign off…and get ready for supper…



  1. Thanks Jim , but I would very much like Judy’s recipe for bean soup. Thanks

  2. The baguettes sound like the ones we got in Paris. There was a place in So. CA that made really good baguettes. It was a Viet Nam place and they were just like the ones in Paris. It makes my mouth water.

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