Posted by: Jim E | January 16, 2010

Retro Winter Camping…

I get the Minnesota conservation Volunteer every couple of months…this comes from the January-February issue…winter camping…some like sleeping in a sleeping bag in the snow…or in a snow cave…but this is in a canvas tent…with a stove…you can read the article when you click on the link…

This may not be for everyone…but it is a great article…I know a little about this…during my Boy Scout years we did some of this…and living in a tent outside (but during the summer) was my experience at Many Point Scout Camp many years ago…we lived in these tents (they still do it today at Many Point) for the entire summer…on a cot, in a sleeping bag…I remember all types of wildlife came through…one night I heard something…turned on my flashlight and saw a skunk looking around our tent on his way through…and probably some that I’m glad I didn’t see…

But this kind of camping is a little more challenging…cold and snow…just getting around is more difficult…but enjoy the article about the winter camping…it’s wonderful…and the video will give you a little taste of the experience…



  1. Thanks again for publishing this. It has motivated me for my next extreme camping adventure. Now to find some gear!

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