Posted by: Jim E | January 14, 2010

Everyone Has a Story…

I said to her, “Everyone has a story.”…and with a sigh of relief…with a deep audible breath…she said, “Thank you.”…she had just told us her story…one that held emotion and grieving for one of her own children…no one can quite understand what I describe until you have been there…but so real, it was palpable…and her reaction of thanking me…(though I really said nothing)…came with the idea…”I thought I was all alone in this terrible thing…(I feel guilty that it happened in our family, we are good people, how did this happen?)…you mean others have stories like this?”…she had forgotten all the stories she had heard, from others, were as heart-breaking as hers…but she hadn’t experienced them from the inside like her own…it just felt good that she was not alone…that everyone has a story, though maybe untold, much like hers…

For everyone has a story…we are not alone in our story…though it may feel that way…to tell the story is to lift the burden…though the story may not be over…


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