Posted by: Jim E | January 12, 2010

An Irregular Day…

Yesterday was an irregular day…have you ever had one of those?…things didn’t “flow”, if you know what I mean…too many things in the plan…too many places to go…too many things to do!…and those things just didn’t…well, “flow”…I don’t know how else to put it…you know what I mean, I think…but let me go on…

Irregular…irregular…an irregular day…where did that word come from in my mind?…then it hit me..a number of years ago Joyce Landorf wrote a book called “Irregular People” it was a book about people in your life that “bug you”…”rain on your parade”…well, you get the idea…she wasn’t talking about the guy who cut you off on the road…nor the person who parked in the handicapped spot and was not handicapped…she was talking about people who are related in some way…those who are insensitive and seem to take some pleasure in making you feel insignificant and unimportant…the book let you see you are two people and you don’t need to agree…

Joyce got the term from this passage in her book, it came from a movie…the girl, Patty, ran away from home and ends up in the black part of town at Ruth’s home…their former cook and housekeeper, Ruth responds to her question…this is the dialog: “Listen up…you are going to hear something important. Now here…when I goes shopping and I sees something marked ‘irregular,’ I knows that I ain’t gonna have to pay so much for it. Girl, you got yourself some irregular folks, and you’ve been paying top dollar for them all along. So just don’t go wastin’ up your life wishin’ for what ain’t gonna be!”…the girl said, “He said I was a bad person ever since the day I was born”…Ruth says, “an’  I’m telling you…we is the only ones that matter…cause we ain’t irregular. Now you stand up straight! You is a whole person…a creature of God and a thing that matters in this world.”

Okay, I got a little carried away with the definition of the term, irregular…but it does go to the point, doesn’t it?…But my day yesterday had nothing to do with people as such or an irregular person…but an irregular day…not necessarily good or bad, just went “against the grain”…rubbed me the wrong way…it didn’t “flow”…went to pick up the prescription at the drug store…the insurance said they have changed to a closed system and need to go somewhere else…turned into the car wash, one lane was closed and the other had 6 cars waiting, Judie went to pick up something at the store, they had to order it…

I understand…you have these days all the time…and so do I…but yesterday, it bugged me…it was an irregular day…and like I have told so many before…it didn’t have either of the two words that no one wants to hear…”inoperable or indicted”…anything else is what my Mom called, “spilt milk”…so why do those days bug us?…probably because it keeps us from doing what we want to do…

But those irregular feelings are real…and we must deal with them…and “Ruth’s” words come back to me, “So just don’t go wastin’ up your life wishin’ for what ain’t gonna be!”…and by about half way though yesterday…I quit “wishin’ for what ain’t gonna be”…and you know, things just started to “flow”!…



  1. Mr E!!!
    You have such a talent for writing….and for touching all of us….get your blog site out there for more to see!
    Thanks for your words of wisdom..I look forward to each bit.

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