Posted by: Jim E | January 12, 2010

A Scooter Ride and a Dessert Cart…

From something I read years ago and never have forgotten…James Merrill…a poet…was visiting his doctor about his depression, saying that he didn’t know how to live, how to love, he just knew how to write a poem…The doctor, he said, “listened closely, then acted with undreamed of kindness and dispatch…’Come with me.’ he said…in a flash ushering me out of his downtown office and onto the back seat of a smart little pale-green motor-scooter…I put my arms, as instructed, about his stout, gray-suited person, and off we went in sunlight, through traffic, under trees, past architecture, over the muddy river to lunch.”

I loved that…so many of us…especially Christians think…that when we are down and maybe a little or a lot depressed…it’s like we are the activities director on the Titanic…tucking a Bible under our arm and saying “Follow me”…sometime we don’t need another sermon or devotional or a quiet room to read…sometimes what we need is, “Lunch!!!”…sometimes we need to get out and go…drive in the traffic or in the country…in the sunshine or shade…see God’s creation…trees and rivers…even to see what man has done…because God gave gifts and miraculous creativity for us to share…but to just get away from majoring on “ourselves”…

And since I mentioned the Titanic…here is another item from the great philosopher and theologian, Erma Bombeck…”Seize the moment…remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart.”…

So for today…Don’t let those moments go by…grab a scooter ride…and embrace the dessert cart!!!…


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