Posted by: Jim E | January 4, 2010

“It’s All Relative”…Einstein (or someone)…

I woke up this morning, here in Little Rock, AR…to 20 degrees above zero…and snow flurries coming down…the flurries were falling all night…with the melting and how light the snow is…it doesn’t even cover the grass…but the roofs are almost covered…in other words, not much snow…but the cold is real for AR, the average temp this time of year in Little Rock is about 50 so it is unusual…and schools are closed…at least most of them…

But I did notice the temp in Minnesota, my home state, is a bit different…around -20…now that is noticeably cold…but I will assure you…the schools are not closed…there is a certain pride in never closing schools…it takes blizzard like conditions with cold in the -30 range with wind chills in the -40 or -50 degrees…but “them” Minnesotans see a challenge in that kind of weather…and of course, bragging rights…I know, I’m one of that type…and miss that part of Minnesota living…standing up to the weather…

So it is all relative as Einstein or some Minnesotan reportedly said…but in AR…this is a serious weather threat…they have no equipment for the most part to deal with snow or ice…there are no mountains of salt piled around the state to deal with ice and snow…no snowplows to speak of in Little Rock to plow snow…so everything comes to a stop…

It would freak everyone out in AR…to see the weather that Minnesotans take for granted…and still go to work and school on days that would closed down most cities in the South…

I have read reports of winter weather from across the country and world for that matter…they talk about beautiful snow, how are they going to get to work, or school, etc…but when they leave out the temp…I go crazy…no self-respecting Minnesotan can talk about weather without the temp…it means nothing without the temp!!!…I suppose we have been conditioned, if the temp is not hovering around 0…give or take 20 degrees…we still have bragging rights…

So we will just get along today…because what must be feared here in Little Rock is not the snow, ice or cold…but the drivers on the road that don’t have any idea how to drive in this weather…in Minnesota…I always told myself and my family…in weather like this, slow down…and then slow down some more…then you will be going the speed you should in this weather…but here, it’s put it in 4 wheel drive and go!!!…it is like an elephant on skates with some…then others crawl at 15 -20 mph…causing those behind to lose their cool…

So as to not lose sight of one of the reasons why we live here…I am looking out the window…snow on the neighbors roof…some on the lawn and street…but standing strong against all odds…the neighbors pansies are just as pretty as can be…a little stressed I’m sure…but are flowering beauties in the grip of a January Arkansas winter…and yes, they do grow here all winter…gives us hope all this will pass…days are getting longer…I see natures rebirth coming…God ordained it…and we all know it is coming…

Weather is wonderful…(just as long as you give the temp)…and realize, it’s all relative…



  1. Uncle Jim,

    Love this post. Today we are going on 4 days below 20 degrees with windchills in the -20 to -30. And yes the girls went to school. I had a friend in SC comment on Facebook about how cold it was there (36 degrees). We haven’t seen that temperature in two months. Living in northern Wisconsin on the border with the UP has it challenges, but the weather is always welcome.
    Love the blog idea. I have one going myself.

  2. We’ve been having temperatures in the low twenties here in Northern Kentucky. With the wind chill it has been below ten degrees for a few days.


  3. So glad to see that the roving reporter is starting a blog.
    Love your writting Mr E!!
    Made me miss Minn too….well maybe not the dripping noses freezing from the cold!
    Pam oh Da Woods

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